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Chromosome Viewer

A Web Companion to the Human Genome Landmarks Poster

Human Genome Landmarks Poster

The Human Genome Landmarks poster is a 24″ x 36″ wall poster that lists selected genes, traits, and disorders associated with each of the 24 different chromosomes.

The chromosome viewer below is another way to see each chromosome on the poster. Select a chromosome to view it online or print it.

Click on any chromosome below to see a list of selected traits and disorders associated with that chromosome.


Chromosome 1

Chromosome 2

Chromosome 3

Chromosome 4

Chromosome 5

Chromosome 6

Chromosome 7

Chromosome 8

Chromosome 9

Chromosome 10

Chromosome 11

Chromosome 12

Chromosome 13

Chromosome 14

Chromosome 15

Chromosome 16

Chromosome 17

Chromosome 18

Chromosome 19

Chromosome 20

Chromosome 21

Chromosome 22

Chromosome X

Chromosome Y

The Human Genome Landmarks poster and accompanying chromosome images are products of the Biological and Environmental Research Information System of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.