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Human Genome Project Information site has received awards or been listed by several exclusive web listings.

Chosen as a TOP 100 SITE by the staff at MDnet Guide. Sites were peer-reviewed by members of the MDnet Guide Editorial Board. Editors at MDnet Guide combined information from peer reviewers, online reviews, reader feedback, and personal impressions of each site, assessing the amount of material provided, the site’s ease of use, the reliability of each source, and the effectiveness of the site’s design.

MDnet Guide top 100 sites of 2001

Selected by ISI for inclusion in Current Web Contents, a new section of Current Contents Connect™. ISI editors, following carefully structured evaluation criteria, reviewed and developed a standardized descriptive record for the site.

ISI Current Web Contents

Listed as one of the Top 100 Educational Web Sites by The Education Source.

The Education Source - Top 100 of 1999 - Sponsored By: Looksmart

Magellan 4-Star Site: The original Human Genome Project Information site was awarded 4 out of 4 stars. Magellan is an online guide to the Internet that includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine. Magellan is produced by The McKinley Group, an international team of publishers, technologists, and information specialists.

Megellan 4 star site

Cited by MSNBC

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The “Editor’s Choice” was presented to high quality sites by LookSmart’s team of editors. Only 110,000+ sites were chosen from more than a million viewed. LookSmart is a subsidiary of The Reader’s Digest.

LookSmart editor's choice

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MEDSITE designated us as a “Hotsite.” MEDSITE is an information tool for students, researchers, and health care professionals, enabling them to find news and data on the important issues that face the medical industry.

This site was chosen as a Select Site by the editors of the Dow Jones Business Directory “because we feel it provides exceptional value to our readers.”
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Approved by Schoolzone’s team of independent education reviewers, 2003 and Highly Recommended rating in 2007.

Approved by Schoolzone's team of independent education reviewers, 2003SchoolZone Highly Recommended

CyberSurfari participant

Cyber Surfari

Selected as a MARS Best of Free Reference Web Sites


The Genome and Biotechnology Meetings Calendar was chosen as a link of the day by as was Human Genome News.

BioMed Link

The National Science Foundation’s SBIR Internet Catalog listed the site after receiving an expert’s recommendation.

The Primer on Molecular Genetics is used by PHARMA’s genomics dictionary as one of its “excellent” sources.

Selected for inclusion in “The Nurses’ Guide to Consumer Health Websites” and the BBC Web Guide. was the ENC Email Newsletter Resource Pick of the Month for January 2005.

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StudyWeb Award
Cool Site
Hardin MD Clean Bill of Health
Okomedia Online
Recommended by Nature Reviews

Featured on PeopleSpot

Editor's Choice Awesome Library
Reviewed by Schoolsnet

bigchalk best awar

Scientific American Sci/Tech Web Awards 2001
A Winner of the ResPool Valuable Resource Award

Society for Technical Communication (STC) Awards: The Biological and Environmental Research Information System (BERIS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has won many awards (see complete list). STC is a professional organization for technical writers, editors, illustrators, managers, and educators. With more than 17,000 members in 151 chapters worldwide, it is the largest such group in this field. Each year, the international STC presents more than 250 awards in 58 categories. Merit is third place, Excellence is second place, and Distinguished is first place.