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1993 DOE Human Genome Program Contractor-Grantee Workshop III

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Cover of 1993 DOE Human Genome Contractors/Grantee Workshop.

Research Abstracts from the DOE Human Genome Program Contractor-Grantee Workshop III
February 7-10, 1993  Santa Fe, NM

Welcome to the Third Contractor-Grantee Workshop sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) Human Genome Program. This meeting, designed to foster interaction among investigators and facilitate project coordination, offers DOE-supported genome researchers, program managers, and invited guests the opportunity to become familiar with current research, assess progress, and initiate collaborations.

The DOE Human Genome Program has grown tremendously, as shown by the marked increase in the number of genome-funded projects since the last such workshop, held in 1991. The 115 abstracts and 208 attendees of 1991 have grown to almost 200 abstracts and 400 attendees in 1993. Numerous collaborations resulting from the previous workshop have already borne fruit, and we expect that this meeting will prove equally successful.

The abstracts in this book describe the genome research of DOE-funded grantees and contractors and invited guests, and all projects are represented at the workshop by posters. The 3-day meeting includes plenary sessions in the Eldorado Hotel’s Anasazi Ballroom on ethical, legal, and social issues pertaining to the availability of genetic data; sequencing techniques; informatics support; and chromosome and eDNA mapping and sequencing. All poster exhibits in the Hilton Mesa Ballroom will be open in the evenings throughout the meeting to maximize their availability to all attendees. New material resources and software are also on exhibit in a separate area of the Hilton.

With its multidisciplinary capacities, DOE is uniquely positioned to exploit the exciting opportunities presented by the Human Genome Project and ultimately to provide some measure of understanding of the genomic effects of radiation and chemicals. Serving as research sites for a multitude of interdisciplinary mapping and sequencing efforts are the three DOE human genome centers at Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos national laboratories, as well as other DOE-supported laboratories and more than 40 different universities and research organizations. The Office of Health and Environmental Research appreciates the hard work and commitment of all contributors who, by their efforts, are advancing genome research toward the goals established over 2 years ago.

David A Smith, Director
Health Effects and Life Sciences Research Division